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If you intend to organize a visit to one or more current exhibitions at Palazzo Reale for a group or a school, there are a number of things you need to know before you start planning.


Number of participants

Visiting groups or classes must not exceed 25 people but there must be no less than 15 participants.

Book your entry in advance

You must book the visit in advance whether you choose to use the museum guide service offered by  the exhibition or whether you are autonomous. It helps to avoid the risk of long and unnecessary delays in the exhibition halls. You can do this by contacting the reference numbers for individual exhibitions that are listed at the bottom of the page.

Entry ticket 

The ticket cost for groups is €10 per person + advance booking fee. The group guide has free entry.  The ticket for schools is €6 per student + advance booking fee. Teachers accompanying the group have free entry.

You can pay in advance by contacting the reference numbers for the individual exhibitions that are listed at the bottom of the page. You can also opt to pay directly at the ticket office on the day of the visit.

If a guide is required

The valuable services of professional guides are available at Palazzo Reale for each exhibition. Please contact the reference numbers that are listed below which also provide information on the cost of the service.

If you already have a guide

Please still book the visit in advance in order to enable us to schedule your arrival.

Collect tickets

at the ticket office and allocate them to all participants before entering the exhibition.

Request the audio guide system 

This is obligatory for groups and schools (with the exception of primary schools) at Palazzo Reale.  It ensures that the guide’s voice reaches all participants clearly without disturbing other visitors. If  you have booked a guide provided by Palazzo Reale the staff will arrange everything. If you are autonomous please ask for the equipment at the ticket office and make sure that everyone in the group knows how to use it correctly before entering the exhibition.

Gather the group or class 

outside the exhibition entrance before entering. Please use this time to distribute and activate the microphones that you have already collected.

After the visit

Please make sure that everyone has returned the microphones.

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