The exhibition dedicated to Felice Casorati is the first anthology hosted in Milan after the 1990 exhibition at Palazzo Reale. The project recalls the artist's creative parable, through masterpieces coming from prestigious Italian public institutions and private collections, with some selected loans from European museums as well. Essential is the collaboration with the Felice Casorati Archive, which will lend five paintings, as well as graphics, drawings and documents. With an innovative approach, we want to highlight the multifaceted activity of the artist. In fact, Casorati has always obtained original results thanks to continuous experimentation in drawing, but also in illustration and music, passions that led him to a highly appreciated activity as a set designer and costume designer. 

An exhibition by the Municipality of Milan - Culture Area | Palazzo Reale | Marsilio Arte. 

Curated by Giorgia Bertolino, Ferdinando Mazzocca and Francesco Poli.

Opening Times

Tuesday - Sunday 10-19.30.
Thursdays closing time at 22.30.
Last admission one hour before closing time.

Closed on Mondays


Open: € 17,00
Full ticket: € 15,00
Reduced ticket: € 13,00

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