Opening on 25 September is the great exhibition devoted to Giorgio de Chirico (Volos, 1888 - Rome, 1978) crowning the international celebrations dedicated to one of the most brilliant and controversial protagonists of twentieth-century art.

The exhibition, thanks to works from major international museums including the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the Tate Modern in London, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, The Menil Collection in Houston, private collections and Italian museums such as the Brera Art Gallery, the Museo del Novecento in Milan, the MART in Rovereto, the GAM in Turin, the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome, tells the exceptional artistic story of the Pictor Optimus in its most extraordinary aspects.

A journey through the complexity of de Chirico's work, full of enigmas and pictorial mysteries, which is revealed in the rooms of the Palazzo Reale as a rich, highly contemporary tale.  A journey built on images and on his painting "seen up close", from the world of Greek mythology full of family memories to the relationship with his mother figure, Gemma de Chirico, to the revolutionary and unprecedented discovery of metaphysical painting that influenced all surrealist painters and struck, among others, René Magritte, Max Ernst, Salvador Dalì.

An exhibition project, then, to be able to see with a new look the complexity and multiplicity of a tireless inventor who has marked the international painting of the twentieth century.



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An exhibition Comune di Milano-Cultura, Palazzo Reale, Marsilio e Electa 

Curated by Luca Massimo Barbero 

In collaboration with Fondazione Giorgio e Isa de Chirico

Opening Times

Mon: 14:30 - 19:30
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