«Pittore tellurico», this is how the French critic Pierre Restany defined it, and explained how, in his works, "colors, matter and lights blend together to create evocative remote geological landscapes where nature is represented as the purity of the earth and the energy of light".

In Lo Giudice's works there are the sea, the lava, the barren land, that wild nature that his material painting seems to be able to dominate; we meet the Blue Eden, emblem of "my island where existences are consumed with this deep color", and again the Totems, capable at the same time of evoking and averting all evil. Sun and Oceans Paintings, at Palazzo Reale from 29 June, is an intimate, whispered tale, the biography of an artist who puts his origins in dialogue with his own becoming.

At the same time, it is a tribute to the environment, because Lo Giudice has had ecological issues at heart for many years, consciously developed given his scientific background. How, without nature, could we understand the meaning of life? Where would we find the comfort needed to face it, with its troubles and troubles? It must be safeguarded and the telluric painter knows how to do it in a very personal way, crystallizing it forever on the surfaces of his canvases. From Sicily to the Côte d'Azur, passing through Milan, the exhibition summarizes in a single glance a journey through a lifetime, where joy and amazement for creation alternate with cracks, vibrant ripples and incurable abrasions. «You get lost in an underground and emerging land», wrote the scholar Giorgio Pressburger, speaking of Lo Giudice's works, «unexpectedly finding the red of magma, the inflamed yellow of a sun, the deep blue of the sea. And finally only the blinding flight of a butterfly will remind us that we are alive ». The exhibition is part of "La Bella Estate", the summer cultural program promoted by the Municipality of Milan which, until 21 September, will offer to the Milanesi and visitors to the city a rich calendar of artistic, cultural, sporting, recreational and time initiatives.

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curated by Claudio Cerritelli

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