Palazzo Reale joins the network of the Fédération Européenne des Cités Napoléoniennes (FECN)

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Starting in 2024, the Royal Palace is going to officially join the network of the Fédération Européenne des Cités Napoléoniennes (FECN) in order to promote and enhance a common cultural heritage.

The European Federation of Napoleonic Cities, created in 2004 by the initiative of Charles Bonaparte has, as its main mission, the promotion of the cultural heritage related to Napoleon on a European scale and with a multidisciplinary approach, which takes into account the peculiarities of each territory.

It brings together nearly 50 cities and territories in France and Europe and received in 2015 the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe’s certification for "Destination Napoleon," which testifies the federation's commitment to ensure a European dimension in enhancement and promotion activities.

Within the framework of the FECN membership agreements, the Royal Palace will engage in projects to valorise and map the Napoleonic heritage and promote, from a tourist-cultural perspective, the different realities that characterize it.

In addition, thanks to the mediation of the FECN, the Royal Palace is going to be able to access national and European’s funding to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and best practices in the area of historical-artistic heritage valorisation.

As Charles Bonaparte and Vincent Chauvet, president of the FECN, state - Milan and the Royal Palace constitute a key element in the understanding and promotion of the cultural heritage of the Napoleonic era present in European territories, a fundamental piece in this page of history that once divided our nations.

The Royal Palace therefore is going to be an active part of a virtuous network of synergies between museums and cultural institutions, committing itself to enhance and promote the Napoleonic-era heritage that it still holds today, through collaborations, projects, events and initiatives within a broad European context.

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