March 03, 2024 | Palazzo Reale Milan, Eight Columns Hall

For the exhibition Goya, The Rebellion of Reason the Cultural and Scientific Office of the Embassy will offer the city an event concert by the Cuarteto Quiroga in the halls of the Palazzo Reale.

 The Cuarteto Quiroga, a highly acclaimed Spanish musical ensemble, has previously engaged with the works of the artist in their album "Heritage" (2019), which serves as an eloquent anthology of the string quartet music scene in Madrid during Goya's time.

The concert aims to musically depict the transformation of Madrid in the late 18th century into one of Europe's most active capitals for string quartets. During this period, around the Royal Audience, the arts were flourishing. While Francisco Goya, now famous as the court painter of the Royal House, was creating celebrated artworks, a series of highly talented composers like Boccherini, Brunetti, Canales, Almeida, and many others were actively producing a substantial amount of chamber music, particularly string quartets.

However, this high-quality chamber music has largely been forgotten or disregarded without a valid musical reason.



Visitors can make a reservation for the event through the following link .