Two special portrait sessions to give visitors the chance to feel like protagonists, immersed in the atmosphere of a high jump shot, in the style of Philippe Halsman.

Due to popular demand, the initiative "#Jumpology jump into the exhibition" will be repeated on Thursday, July 4, from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM

On the upcoming Thursdays, June 20 and June 27, from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM, in the exhibition spaces of "Philippe Halsman. A Flash of Genius" at Palazzo Reale, students from the Triennial Photography course at IED Milan will be available to the public to recreate the shots of the great photographer who captured movie stars, heads of state, artists, and scientists.


In the 1950s, with "Jumpology," Philippe Halsman inaugurated a new way of photographing and, above all, capturing unprecedented aspects of personality through images. Whenever possible, at the end of a photo session - no matter who the subject is - he asks them to jump in front of the camera.

The results are extraordinary: the jump represents a moment of suspension, where the focus shifts to performing a liberating and childlike gesture, and everyone's mask falls away. Thus, in his Jumpology sessions, Halsman manages to capture an incredible variety of gestures, postures, and expressions, giving us unforgettable portraits where the scientist Oppenheimer tries to touch the ceiling with a finger, Audrey Hepburn seems to revert to childhood with a liberating laugh, and Marilyn Monroe, initially reluctant, makes an extraordinary jump, engaging in a playful interaction with the photographer and his camera.

The special initiative is included in the exhibition entrance ticket.

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