November 15, 2023 | Palazzo Reale Milan, Courtyard of Honor


UPDATE: THE LIGHT OF THE MIND by Federica Marangoni is extended.

The installation will be visible in the Courtyard of Honor of the Royal Palace until January 7th, 2024.


THE LIGHT OF THE MIND by Federica Marangoni 

Palazzo Reale Milano, as part of the Bookcity Milan 2023 program, presents the multimedia sculpture "The Light of the Mind - An Urban Sign" created by the artist Federica Marangoni.

This site-specific light installation, located in the Courtyard of Honor of the Palace, will be on display from November 15, 2023, to January 7, 2024.

Marangoni's work, made of Corten steel, cracked blue neon, and blue Murano glass shards, represents a large-scale evolution of her series of works centered around the themes of books, the mind, and memory. Communicating messages related to the human drama, a recurring theme in the artist's poetics, is expressed in the form of a monumental book with open pages from which luminous words emerge.

Federica Marangoni (Padua, 1940) is a multimedia pioneer artist who has successfully blended, in her sophisticated production, the physical and the virtual, incorporating bits and bytes. She has created public works in Spain, such as in Seville, Tenerife, and Barcelona, and installed the piece "The Tree of Life" in New York. In Italy, in 2022, she realized "Wake up," a laser performance in St. Mark's Square in Venice.


Visitors can see the installation for free from Monday to Sunday, from 8am to 7.30pm; from 8am to 10pm on Thursdays.