Based on years of new researches, the exhibition changes our view of Picasso by highlighting his status as an eternal foreigner and reflects on how France, in the early twentieth century, was not a heaven for foreigner artists. The topic is relevant: problems of immigration and nationalism are at the forefront of the international debate. An artist ahead of his time both in terms of aesthetics and politics emerges from these studies. The six sections will be illustrated by around 80 art works including paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs and archive documents from the Musée national Picasso-Paris. The exhibition will therefore follow the aesthetics and political trajectory of the artist, to understand how he shaped his own identity by living in an uneasy position as an eternal stranger.

An exhibition by the Municipality of Milan - Culture Area | Palazzo Reale | Marsilio Arte | Musée national Picasso - Paris. 

Curated by  Annie Cohen-Solal, Sébastien Delot. 

Opening Times

Tuesday - Sunday 10-19.30.
Thursdays closing time at 22.30.
Last admission one hour before closing time.

Closed on Mondays


Open: € 17,00
Full ticket: € 15,00
Reduced ticket: € 13,00

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