Accessibility at Palazzo Reale
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Palazzo Reale is accessible to visitors with disabilities.


If you use a wheelchair

You should easily be able to reach the main entrance of the Palazzo in Piazza Duomo.

If the exhibition that you have chosen to see is on the first floor, please contact the custodial staff  - first door on the left after the courtyard - who will accompany you to the elevator.

During the visit you should not encounter any difficulty in visiting all the exhibition spaces and using the toilet facilities available.

If you need a wheelchair

Please inform the custodial staff upon your arrival - first door on the left after the courtyard - who  will make every effort to provide you with a wheelchair. You need to provide an ID which will be  withheld until the wheelchair is returned. The staff will accompany you to the elevator leading to the first floor.

NEW motorised chairs

The first floor cloakroom also provides motorised chairs - GO seating - for visitors’ temporary use or for those who have difficulties in facing an extensive exhibition route without sitting down.

Ticket reductions for exhibitions

A reduced ticket, including audio guide, is available for disabled visitors at the price of €10,00 instead  of €12,00. The accompanying person may enter free of charge.

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